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  • New pOdcast – 57Weeks. Coffee Episode

    Episode 11 of 57Weeks pOdcast, available on August 24, 2022. This episode includes a Bible verse in which God acknowledges his story doesn’t make sense to those who don’t believe in Him. Also a whole lot of information on making (mostly) American Coffee. More to come, next week.

  • New pOdcast – 57Weeks. Apple Dumpling Episode

    Episode 10 of 57Weeks pOdcast, available on August 5, 2022. This week in History, Columbus set sail for Asia. Also, “Wild Bill Hickok” was murdered with a poker hand of Aces and Eights. Listen to the song in the Bible about making a “joyful noise” to God. But the main topic is “Apple Dumplings.” I’ll…

  • New pOdcast – Episode 7 of 57Weeks. Resolving disputes; and why Jesus was called the “Word.”

    Episode 7 of 57Weeks pOdcast, available on July 9, 2022.  This is Episode 7 of 57 in the 57Weeks pOdcast, hosted by Tom Truex. Life and times in 57 weeks. History, philosophy, religion, books, computers, movies, opinions, and more (sometimes less). This week in History. In the USA, Independence Day falls on the 4th of…