New pOdcast – Episode 7 of 57Weeks. Resolving disputes; and why Jesus was called the “Word.”

Episode 7 of 57Weeks pOdcast, available on July 9, 2022.  This is Episode 7 of 57 in the 57Weeks pOdcast, hosted by Tom Truex.

Life and times in 57 weeks. History, philosophy, religion, books, computers, movies, opinions, and more (sometimes less). This week in History.

In the USA, Independence Day falls on the 4th of July again this year. Why did the colonists get involved in an insurrection (I thought that was a bad word)??

This week in the Bible. A short discussion of the section in the Bible that calls Jesus Christ, the “Word.” And why it is impossible to separate God from His Word.

The main topic is about handling dispute.  We consult a 15th century monk named Thomas à Kempis.

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